12.7.12 No skiing right now

We’re getting a call almost every hour asking about the ski conditions.  Snow melted throughout the state and we’re hearing that high school ski camps everywhere have been cancelled. Lots of people are looking for somewhere else to take their team skiers.   We drove up from the Twin Cities two days ago and there’s no doubt about it–the Gunflint Trail has the only measurable snow left between Minneapolis and Bearskin.   It looks like we still have pretty good snow, at least when compared to everywhere else. Unfortunately, it’s not quite enough anymore for the ski trails.

The ski season got off to a great start, but now after our most recent warm-up we have a thin icy base.  We wouldn’t recommend going out there to ski at this point.  The last guest to head out skiing on the trails said conditions were hard on his rock skis. So we need more snow. There’s snow in the forecast for the next few days.  We just need a few more inches of snow over this base in order to have enough snow to groom the trails again.

Meanwhile, the ice is finally freezing firmly.  Erik, our musher, went out on the ice yesterday to sink in the poles he uses to tie up his dogsled team.  And it is snowing now in a way that looks just like being on the inside of a snow globe , with glittery flakes swirling in many directions.  We’re making progress towards real winter.

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About Bearskin

Once upon a time Sue McCloughan was a K-6 media/technology specialist, worrying about bar codes, book budgets and barfing 1st graders. On July 20th, 2007, Sue, Bob, Kaitlin and Quinn McCloughan bought Bearskin Lodge on the Gunflint Trail near Grand Marais, MN -- and all Sue's worries changed. If she seems somewhat incoherent while writing this blog, it's because her already overly taxed mind has been preccupied learning about potato salad, pea gravel, turbidity, crawl spaces, off-peak heaters, lake structure and antiquated front desk cash registers.

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