Up until today, there wasn’t much news to report.  No big new snowfall, but consistent little amounts that kept adding to our total.  Trails were gradually getting better and better, the big grooming machines were able to get out on both sides, and generally people were pretty happy about the skiing conditions.

Today we’re getting the same strange weather that the whole state is experiencing. We heard it was raining hard on the North Shore this morning.  We’re getting….well, it’s just kind of weird. Peculiar moisture usually eventually turns into snow in our location, so that’s our hope.  We’ll keep you posted, or call either of the resorts for updates.

Ski report from Dan at Golden Eagle on Thursday afternoon:

New Snow Last 24 hours: Trace

New Snow Last 7 days: .75 inches

Trail Base: 4 to 6 inches

Snow in Woods: Average 7 inches, 10 inches high

Surface Conditions: Hard Pack

Snowshoe trails: Open

Total snowfall since November 1: 22.75 inches

Conditions: Fair to Excellent

Comments: The majority of the trails have been groomed in the last couple of days. That portion of the Logging Camp Trail within the Boundary Waters is packed only. Please check with Golden Eagle Lodge or Bearskin Lodge for specific info on each trail as it is changing daily.

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Once upon a time Sue McCloughan was a K-6 media/technology specialist, worrying about bar codes, book budgets and barfing 1st graders. On July 20th, 2007, Sue, Bob, Kaitlin and Quinn McCloughan bought Bearskin Lodge on the Gunflint Trail near Grand Marais, MN -- and all Sue's worries changed. If she seems somewhat incoherent while writing this blog, it's because her already overly taxed mind has been preccupied learning about potato salad, pea gravel, turbidity, crawl spaces, off-peak heaters, lake structure and antiquated front desk cash registers.

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