1.19.13 It just kept snowing all day

Everything was groomed today, even though it never quit snowing.  Most likely we will need to groom again tomorrow, but realistically, what actually happens could depend on what the night brings.  Forecasts are threatening  low temperatures and very high winds, followed by even lower temperatures and even higher winds.  We’ll see what weather actually materializes, but grooming may or may not be rational in the morning. 

Check the weather before you decide to come skiing tomorrow or especially Monday.  These will not be days to go out into the winter weather unaware of current conditions.

A good book by the crackling fire sounds like an excellent plan.


1.19.13 Lots of new snow, groomers are out

Oh yes, we got a lot of snow.  It’s still snowing.

They’ve been out grooming on both sides of the trail system since 5 AM.  Grooming while it is snowing is not ideal, but it is the only option today. You are going to find snow in the tracks of freshly groomed trails.  In fact, when Bob finished grooming Bear Cub early this morning, when he crossed back over what he had done first, it no longer looked newly groomed.  They’ll groom everything today, but you should expect to see fresh snow even on newly groomed trails.  That’s just the way it is going to be today.

New report from Golden Eagle:

New Snow Last 24 hours: 4.65 inches

New Snow Last 7 days: 6.88 inches

Trail Base: Average 4 to 6 inches

Snow in Woods:  Average 12 inches

Surface Conditions: Powder, Packed Powder

Snowshoe trails:  Open

Total snowfall since November 1:  29.63

Conditions:  Good to Excellent

Comments:  Lots of great snow this week!  Both Groomers are out on the system this morning!  Please check with Golden Eagle Lodge or Bearskin Lodge for specific conditions and information on each trail.