Not much new to report.  It’s been a cold week, but lots of people are out skiing.  They come into the lodge after a day of skiing with rosy cheeks and an intense desire to immerse themselves in the heat of the sauna or hot tub.  

We’ve had a little dusting of snow here and there, nothing significant since the last major grooming.  Some snow is in the forecast;  most predictions have been for additional snowfalls of less than 1 inch.   Trails are in good shape, so what we’d like most of all now is a bit of a temperature warm up.

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About Bearskin

Once upon a time Sue McCloughan was a K-6 media/technology specialist, worrying about bar codes, book budgets and barfing 1st graders. On July 20th, 2007, Sue, Bob, Kaitlin and Quinn McCloughan bought Bearskin Lodge on the Gunflint Trail near Grand Marais, MN -- and all Sue's worries changed. If she seems somewhat incoherent while writing this blog, it's because her already overly taxed mind has been preccupied learning about potato salad, pea gravel, turbidity, crawl spaces, off-peak heaters, lake structure and antiquated front desk cash registers.

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