3.12.13 Nice March conditions

We’re in a wintry cycle now. It snows a few inches, we groom, it nows again, we groom.  Pity the guy who has been futilely shoveling and reshoveling our ice rink almost every day. (Thanks, Dave!)  This looks like a winter that will be around for a while.

Bearskin is full for this coming weekend, March 16 & 17.  However, there are still quite a few available cabins for the weekend that follows, March 23-24.  The weather would have to change rather abruptly to suddenly have spring by those dates.  It looks like this year we will have an extended winter more like the historical norm for our area, which is endless winter until May.   Come up and enjoy a great late season skiing experience.

We’re getting many calls about mushing.  Erik’s last day of mushing was scheduled to be Thursday, March 14.  Conditions are holding, however, so he’s added 3 more days next week, March 19-21.  He will not be available on the weekend.

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About Bearskin

Once upon a time Sue McCloughan was a K-6 media/technology specialist, worrying about bar codes, book budgets and barfing 1st graders. On July 20th, 2007, Sue, Bob, Kaitlin and Quinn McCloughan bought Bearskin Lodge on the Gunflint Trail near Grand Marais, MN -- and all Sue's worries changed. If she seems somewhat incoherent while writing this blog, it's because her already overly taxed mind has been preccupied learning about potato salad, pea gravel, turbidity, crawl spaces, off-peak heaters, lake structure and antiquated front desk cash registers.

One thought on “3.12.13 Nice March conditions

  1. Just looked at your ski report as we are coming up as part of the Minneapolis Loppet group this weekend. Snow sounds great! I was surprised to see how cold the weather report is for Grand Marais, highs in the teens both days this weekend. Is that consistent with what you expect up the trail?

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