1.7.2019 Six more inches of snow, groomers have been out

bsl sign 1.2019 edit

In most years, Bearskin accumulates snow bit by bit.  We may not always get the giant dump of snow, but we usually get a little almost every day, gradually accumulating a great trail base. In some ways the slow accumulation creates the best trails — if we groom over two new inches of snow every few days, the base gets extremely compacted.

This year is different. Our snow is coming in giant masses. We received another 6 inches of wet snow on Sunday night, which must bring us pretty close to 60 inches so far this winter. Groomers have been out, and mostly they report “LOTS of snow.”

People from the Twin Cities have been calling to ask about hiking conditions, because they’ve been living in spring temps and can’t imagine that it’s totally different up here. Hiking is only perfect now if you like hiking in snow up to your kneecaps. It’s snowshoe weather. Callers also want to know if there is much chance of our snow melting soon. Do not devote much mental energy to this concern.  🙂  We have way too much snow for it to make a quick getaway.